Franchise Seva Kendra

Warm greetings from World Hope Foundation to you. As you are familiar, it has become an integral part of our society to contribute & participate in the activities which are important to extend our valuable support towards the needy, underprivileged and neglected people in our society. We introduce ourselves as the most active and involved organization to support the various activities for the citizens of India.

Corporate governance for us means to consistently strive to bring more accountability to the entire spectrum of the society. World Hope Foundation – A growing organization with clear goals: we at World Hope Foundation as part of the World Hope Foundation family take pride in sharing the set of five core values of the family:

  • Integrity
  • Understanding
  • Excellence
  • Unity and
  • Responsibility

These values , which have been part of our organisation’s beliefs from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the key decisions of World Hope Foundation. The group and its enterprises have been stead fast and distinctive in their adherence to ethics, values and their commitment to support the corporate social responsibility. We believe in words, actions and deeds with all our patrons/ donors/ devotees/ members/ supporters etc.

World Hope Foundation has a mission to extend support to the poor & deprived children, women and senior citizens by raising funds through various activities every year. World Hope Foundation raises money to fight against odds and to create awareness of support to the community.

Now you can do your part for the society irrespective of your geographical location. Yes, you can now open WHF centres in your colony / area / city / state / country ! 


If you would like to associate with this noble cause, please e-mail us your applications to open World Hope Foundation seva centre in your city.

This seva is non-refundable & non-transferable & rules of World Hope Foundation apply.

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Social responsibility is an ethical premise taken up by Mrs Manju Jha, Preisdent of World Hope Foundation and fulfilling their duty to benefit society at large.She was the ceo of Gopaljee Dairy and Natural Spring Foods for over a decade. The team is trying to maintain a balance with the ecosystem and for the welfare of the society. Youth of today, with an optimistic approach and a changed perception, look at things with a feeling of empathy and believe in giving back to the society.

Individuals and corporate partners are committed to liberate social responsibilities by working with our foundation and providing a helping hand to contribute towards creating a positive impact to the communities for helping the needy and the less fortunate ones by conducting various activities such as creating education & development center for underprivileged children, building more centers, planting more trees and offering other services that is Astrology including Vastu, Gemology, Palmistry etc. To promote welfare, social, cultural, charitable, health, education, humanitarian, and relief activities that  will protect, safeguard, improve the quality and raise the standard of human life, particularly economically weaker sections of the society, irrespective of caste, creed, race, colour, sex or religion so that they may lead healthy, happy  contented  and dignified life. With a vision to build centres across India, the World Hope Foundation will function out of these centers to impart guidance and offer assistance to needy women, children, senior citizens and other groups of society that have been consistently being neglected & deprived. With a focus on imparting financial independence for the needy, shelter for the homeless, love for the loveless and help for the helpless, we at World Hope Foundation intend to give back to society and work hard towards making it a better place.We aim to reach poor and vulnerable children and families with effective and valuable interventions for sustainable progress. Many underprivileged parents fail to appreciate that education will improve the quality of their children’s life. Unable to pay school fees, these kids often work odd jobs and their parents are indifferent to their child's truancy from school. They compromise their future by trapping them below the poverty line. Hence , we have Pragati - Underprivileged Children Development Centre where the students are shaped up with good manners and education on a daily basis. Next is the SAFE WOMEN-SAFE INDIA  program which is carried out in various schools , colleges and in WHF center to teach women  and girls the art of self defense . It also includes Advocacy/ Awareness program on Women Rights, Protection and Empowerment ,POCSO Training Program in Schools, Self Defense Training Programs especially for Girls.

Build U- Build India  is a personality development motivational training workshop . It has a very easy mantra, invest in brand “u” today for a brighter tomorrow. Build U - Build India ,Build U - Build Home, Build U - Build Business ,Build U - Build Career ,Build U - Build Health ,Build U - Build Wealth ,Build U - Build Benchmark ,Build U - Build New U and U become more confident, communicative, clear, understanding, passionate, determined, positive, progressive, receptive, futurestic professional and a human being "Build a better World for all Build a safer World for women.

Products by underprivileged children is another noble initiative by World Hope Foundation. Please come forward to bless and encourage underprivileged children to showcase and develop their skills by making innovative and daily use products for our day to day life. 

Each product you buy, you are helping an underprivileged child go to school, get education, food, clothes, shelters, health, hygiene towards leading a improved and better quality of life. Items are as listed: Greeting Cards ,Folders, Carry bags, Pen Stand, Coasters, Cloth Bag, Jute Bag, Painting ,Wall Hanging, Decorative boxes, Basket, Pens, Photo Frame, Bags.

Now you can do your part for the society irrespective of your geographical location. Yes, you can now open WHF centres in your colony / area / city / state / country! This is new initiative from WHF called Franshise Seva Kendra. To know more visit our website.

Swacch Bharat Mission by World Hope Foundation: Clean India - Healthy India

World Hope Foundation initiative for Clean Delhi – Clean India was launched at World Hope Foundation, Joshi Colony center, Delhi. The launch was flagged off by various eminent leaders to spread awareness on Clean Delhi – Clean India campaign.“Swachh Bharat Awareness Walk” was organized at Joshi Colony Center to clean roads, lanes & bylanes of Joshi Colony & mobilize community towards a clean approach for this mission.

For a sustainable livelihood we have started beauty culture training, cutting and tailoring and computer classes for the underprivileged children and women. This makes their life easier in the future .some of its programs are : Udaan – Welfare Center for Underprivileged Children, Shingar - Beauty Culture Training, Bandhan - Cutting & Tailoring Training, Compo- Computer training & Web Designing, Gulabo-  stop Violence against women, Aawaz - Publication for Women Empowerment.

Indian Special News - Magazine for CSR & Sustainability  is a reputed print publication covering the issues of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) & social issues & challenges faced by Society in India. This is an initiative of WHF to touch the lives of millions there who need the care & support from the riches of the society, to highlight the contributions of companies / Individuals towards making society a better place to live in for all. Through Indian Special News, we highlight & cover stories for the good work done by corporate / Individuals, reading out to a wide readership base covering Promoters, Directors, CMD’s, CEO, CSR Heads, HR Heads, Other NGO’s, Social organizations, Social activities, Govt. / PSU’s / MNC’s, Institutions, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, RWA’s, Club’s, Private Companies, Exhibitors, Mela’s, Embassies, Funding Agencies, Consultants, Advisors, Doctors, Engineers, CA, Lawyers & eminent citizens of India covering cross section of society & Industry by large. So you can book an Ad, Subscribe, give article / Interviews, Social Initiatives & Inspirational Stories from anywhere in the World that motivates & inspires people to come forward & help the needy & poor.

You may send also voluntary contributions/ donations through cheque/ DD in the name of “World Hope Foundation” payable at Delhi, accompanied by your Name, Address & Phone No, Email id etc to our office.

All your donations are tax deductable under Income Tax Act - 80G, Government of India. We request one and all to support the underprivileged children and women through your donations via cheque / DD / NEFT in favor of  “WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION” Account No-7211585050, IFSC Code:-KKBK0004590, Kotak Mahindra Bank , Patparganj, Delhi-110092  Send us/ email the scan copy of bank deposit receipt in our email id:

Donors aiming to become members of World Hope Foundation can deposit his/ her membership form along with cheque/ DD in favour of “World Hope Foundation” payable at Delhi in person or by post. Visit us at , .

You can also enroll as a volunteer to spearhead the activities undertaken by the foundation for Education, Nutrition, Healthcare, Livelihood & Women safety of slum children and BPL community.

Enjoy the Joy of Giving !

God Bless !

World Hope Foundation strongly believes in the principles of corporate governance and fair practices in its management & operations. The organization in fully committed to maximizing value for the society at large, thus the organization conducts its activities & operations in a manner. Which will ensure sustainable capital-efficient and long term growth for all the society.

Charity of the year:

Make a real difference to people’s lives and make us your charity of the year. Our associations with you could involve a variety of activities and will be tailored to your needs. If you are planning a special event for your centre/ City, we will work in partnership with you to make your event memorable.

Offer your services:

You might like to help millions by donating your valuable time, money, services, training, prizes or venues for events and meetings. We are happy to discuss a number of ways in which you could contribute to our valuable work.

Support a project:

Sustainable is important to us. We work alongside communities around their needs. By funding an entire project, you could see the long term benefits of your work and the lasting impact. We thank you for your time & considerations of this request.

World Hope Foundation! EK Asha...........

Healthy India! Happy India