Safe Women - Safe India

Child Sexual Abuse, or the use of a child by a person in power for sexual gratification, is much more widely prevalent in the country than many may imagine. A2007 Study on Child Abuse by the Ministry of Women and Child Development revealed that 53% of respondents reported having forced one or more forms of abuse.

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 (POCSO) has put in place strong legal provisions for the protection of children from sexual abuse and exploitation, laying down stringent punishments for a range of sexual crimes against children.

Safe Women - Safe India



  • To strengthen ‘People-Police Service’ connect
  • To serve those who need it the most
  • To address pain & suffering of the underprivileged section of civil society
  • To seek appropriate timely intervention & action by Indian Police service for crime prevention & crime control
  • To organize & conduct women safety workshops, self defense camps, seminars on crime & violence against women
  • To organize awareness camps, programmes on rights of women, women & child rights protection programmes etc.
  • To arrange satsang for community mobilization on ‘Nari Ki Garima’, Nari Ka Roop – Maa, Bahan, Beti, Patni, Premika. 'Satsang Se Samaj Pariwartan’ inner awakening programmes through religious & spiritual discourse through Pujya Gurudev  Acharya Mahender  Ji
  • To provide legal & family counseling & guidance for distressed women & children
  • To arrange, conduct workshops & programmes in schools on ethics, values & moral teaching for moral upliftment
  • To create ‘Love  for humanity
  • Advocacy/ Awareness program on Women Rights, Protection and Empowerment 
  • POCSO Training Program in Schools
  • Self Defence Training Programs especially for Girls

World Peace Mission

“Harmony makes small things grow

Lack of it makes great things decay”

 “Satsang se Samaj Parivarthan”

(A social transformation for social harmony, Love and peace)

With an aim to build 600 centers across the nation, World Hope Foundation intends to contribute to the Indian culture, society and its well-being. Through our Goddess Durga centers, we intend to channel her blessings to make a positive change in the community and society at large.

Our centers intend to provide a hub and solace for those in need and also act as a centre to pursue many of our activities in the form of running a successful education center, offering shelter to the old, financial independence to women and education for under-served children.

We are committed to present positive effects that are lasting with an aim to secure a progressive future for Indian society.

Our centers are a not for profit and non political entity which intends to sustain its programs with the help of contributions from corporate houses, individual donors, educators, politicians and every fortunate individual in the country who is in the position to make a difference.

With a team of experts in various fields, we intend to offer one of a kind community services that ensure holistic growth and spreading of positive ideas among all.

WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION under its mandate Safe Women - Safe India organises the following programs for the safety of women and protection of children from sexual offences:

  • Advocacy/ Awareness program on Women Rights, Protection and Empowerment 
  • POCSO Training Program in Schools
  • Self Defence Training Programs especially for Girls