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Corporate Social Responsibility

(For Education & Litracy, Health & Nutrition, Women Empowerment, Skill Development for Youth, Environment & Forest, Eradication of Hunger and Poverty, Sustainable Livelihood)

Corporate social responsibility is a management concept whereby companies, private establishments, institutions, organisations, PSU, banks, hotels, schools, colleges, welfare associations and govt dept integrate social, economical and environmental concerns in their business operations and interaction with their stakeholders.  A properly implemented CSR concept can bring along a variety of advantages such as uplift the education system, human resource base, improve the nutrition policy and living standard of underprivileged children and women and also becoming self dependent in the society.  World hope foundation which is a registered body under Indian trust act having skilled and professional staff has committed to facilitate the development agenda of poor people in India and all across the globe.  Its efforts towards construing innovative solutions and revamping existing programmatic interventions of its diverse clients comprising of leading establishments, civil society organisations and the govt dept supporting CSR activities in India and abroad.

As per companies act 2013 passed by Indian parliament in august 2013 mandates companies of a particular size to invest 2% of their net profit in CSR- corporate social responsibility activities.  As per this act, more than 22,000 companies will spend USD 3 billion annually on CSR activities, starting April 1, 2014.  This represents almost a ten times jump in CSR expenditure of companies and they are effective deployment of their capital

For our project on education,  health n nutrition and women safety as well,  we are also supported by individuals and corporates who financially support for betterment of underprivileged children and women who are going to be aspiring future of our nation.  The support provided by them is really an appreciable support to our organisation.  Therefore, WHF appeals all the concerned to provide their best support to us and help the needy children and BPL community & contribute in CSR activities.  Even your small contribution would be a great support for someone’s life betterment.  Benefits to corporates & others.

Within the permitted activity as per CSR rules under companies act 2013.

  1. Eligible for deduction under section 80g of IT act of GOI, 1961
  2. Projects will be organised as per donors specifications, any amount can be contributed, no minimum or maximum requirements.
  3. All documents will be provided as per company requirements, such as immediate proceeding three financial year balance sheet, income and expenditure account, registration certificate etc.
  4. Project will be decided as per company/donor’s specifications and the sector whether education, health n nutrition, self defence, livelihood etc.
  5. Promotion of your company on social media platform and website.
  6. All the beneficiaries of the project will be available as per your convience and meeting can be organised
  7. Your funds will be used on the sector you choose- education, h
  8. It helps in developing and enhancing relationship with your organisation, suppliers and networks
  9. It helps in attracting, retaining and maintaining a happy workforce, save money on energy and operating cost and manage risk.
  10. It helps in differentiating yourself from other competitors.
  11. It helps in improving your business reputation and standing.
  12. Provide assessment to investment and funding opportunities.
  13. It will help to generate positive publicity and media opportunities due to media interest in ethical business activities and publication of articles in local n leading newspapers.

World hope foundation is a Regd. Trust, with a Pan Number and 80G for Tax Exemption with For Donations, Contributions and Project Funding for education, nutrition, healthcare, women safety and Sustainable livelihood of underprivileged children send your Cheque / DD / Online Payment to “ WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION” Account No-7211585050, IFSC Code:- KKBK0004590, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Patparganj, Delhi-110092

You can also support with your Advertisment in WHF Magazine for CSR "Indian Special News" and Highlight / Share your CSR contribution / Stories any where in India or abroad.

You can also advertise in "Lado Ki Aawaz" - Magazine for Women Empowerment and share your support for Women Empowerment.

You may also join us as a payroll donation by which your employees shall be donating with you to the organisation by ECS donation.

If you are interested in becoming our partner in our project, please fill up the below form and mail it to us in mail id:-worldhopefoundationindia@gmail.com

Give us an opportunity to work with your esteemed organisation:-



Sub:- Towards new amended CSR act 2013 commitment to uplift the poor community for fulfillment of their dreams & right to live life with dignity.


Dear Sir / Madam,

World Hope Foundation came into existence in June – 2013 with a mission to design and plan, programs, workshops, seminars and other related activities as per CSR norms, guidelines, rules and regulations approved by Government of India in August – 2013 and consent given by Hon’ble President of India.

In his connection, a set of guidelines framed by this organization to run the CSR activities in Delhi and outside is enclosed herewith. The organization has skilled staff to run the activities and has adequate expertise and experience in the field. The guidelines are based on Constitution of World Hope Foundation.

Entrusted firms / established Govt. Offices, Banks, Hotels are requested to contact World Hope Foundation on telephone number 9999384933, 9643909640 for discussion and designing a programme / project for its implementation under CSR activities. A format required to be filled in, is enclosed herewith.

Looking forward for your response.

Enclose as above.


Thanking You,

With best Regards,


Project Head

World Hope Foundation

9999384933, 9643909640


Your name:-


Organisation name:-


Contact person/CSR head:-


Contact no:-






Any specific requirement of your organisation:-


Budget allocation:-


Your message:-







CSR in india has traditionally been seen as a philanthropic activity. And in keeping with the Indian tradition , it was an activity that was performed but not deliberated.  The practice of CSR in India still remains within philanthropic space, but has moved from constitutional building( education, research and culture) to community development through various projects.  With global influence and with communities becoming more active and demanding ,there appears to be a discrinible trend, that by CSR remains largely restricted to community development, its getting more strategic in nature than philanthropic and large no of companies are reporting the activities they are undertaking in this space in their official websites, annual reports and even publishing CSR reports.

In India, CSR activities are governed as per clause 135 of 2013 which was passed by both the houses of parliament and has received the accent of the president of India on august 29, 2013.  The CSR provisions within the act are applicable to companies.  The new rules are applicable from the year 2014-15 onwards, also requires company to set up a CSR committee consisting of their board members including at least one independent director.  The act encourage the companies to spend at least 2% of their average net profit in the previouys three years on csr activities.  The act lists out a set of activities eligible under CSR.  Companies can implement such activities taking into account the local condition after seeking board approval.  The draft rules (sept 2013) as follows:

  1. Surplus arising out of CSR activities will have to be reinvested into CSR activities, and this will over and above the 2% figure.
  2. The company can implement its CSR activities through following methods-    
  • Directly on its own.
  • Through its non profit.
  • Through independent registered non profit organisation that have a record of at least three years in similar such related activities. 
  • Only CSR activities undertaken in India will be taken into consideration. 
  • Activities meant exclusively for employees and their family will not qualify.
  • A format for board report on csr has been provided which includes amongst others, activity wise reasons for spend under 2% of the average net profits of previous three years and a responsibility statement that CSR policy, implementation and monetary process is in compliance with CSR objectives.  This has to be signed by director of company.

As per clause 135 of act, the csr committee will be responsible for preparing a detailed plan on CSR activities including the expenditure, the type of activities, role and responsibilities of various stakeholders and a  monitoring mechanism for such activities. The CSR committee can also ensure that all kinds of income accrued to company by way of CSR activities should be credited back to community or CSR corpus.  The board of company shall, after taking into account the recommendation made by the CSR committee, approve the CSR policy for the company and disclose  its contents in their report on companies website, if any, in such manner as may be prescribed.  If the company fails to spend the prescribe amount, the board in its report shall specify the reasons.


World hope foundation came into existence in june,  2013 under Indian trust act with a mission to work and formulate its CSR schemes for benefit of underprivileged children and women in india.  This organisation has a community based and transparent constitution for welfare of underprivileged children and women.  The constitution of WHF has been designed as per the norms, conditions, rules and regukations specified in the guidelines of csr rules approved by govt of india in 2013 bt both the houses of parliament  and the consent given by president of india on aug 29, 2013.  The contents of constitution of WHF reads  as under.


Accordingly as per constitution of WHF, the general  body under chairmanship of Ms. Manju jha finalises the programmes from time to time in its meeting.  Ms. Manju Jha in her capacity as president of world hope foundation , monitors the training activities in this organisation and the committee constituted in the meeting of general body, usually members are required to report the matter to their chairperson about ongoing progress of projects/ programmes/seminars and workshop etc launched by WHF.  Besides this, the events organised by WHFare circulated to all concerned govt offices, reputed establishments connected with welfare activities, corporate offices, banks, hotels, NGO, embassies through its bimonthly magazine.  At the end of year, a detailed report  is published through its annual report as per constitution of WHF.


WHF has launched a new service that is exclusively geared towards assisting companies  working in india that must comply with the governments new csr requirements outlined in  india companies act (the new act).  The organisation is one of only a few that can help make companies compliance with new laws by both brokering shared value CSR investments  with various established, respected charities already working in the country, as well as providing services to meet the administrative and financial demands under the new CSR laws. Global impact has been working in India as nearly  50 of these charities already are well established throughout India and under the said scheme, WHFoffer a wide variety of programmatic and welfare investment options under the scheme.  This organisation instigate the companies to quickly comply with new act and join in charity and work as alliance.  Global impact can assist  companies with the admisistrative and backend requirements of the act such as strategy, governance and reporting.  The new Indian companies act was passed by Indian parliament in August 2013 and has imposed in reaching changes to the governance  of both India based companies and foreign companies operating within the country.  The companies are subject to CSR requirement , if they have any financial year in India.  Companies that meet any of these thresholds are required by the law to develop CSR strategy  and policy, select  and implementation mechanism and partner, develop a  project plan and report on these CSR activities.  WHF builds partnerships and raises resources that helps india and outside  most vulnerable people by providing integrated partner – specific advisory and secretriate services,  companies campaign design, marketing and implementation for workshop for fund raising campaigns and fiscal agency.

Magazine for CSR by World Hope Foundation


World Hope Foundation (India’s reputed organization on implementing the CSR activities) proudly announces its Magazine for CSR and its implementation by WHF (Visit www.worldhopefoundation.org) to provide a knowledge interface between business, civil society and effective solution for social challenges.

The Vision

To help create Enterprises, Institutions, Individuals, Social Responsibilities (SR), Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Individual Social Responsibilities (ISR) that improves the ability of the poor to live with dignity….with an aim to create social awareness, impact & sustainable livelihood for the BPL community……

World Hope Foundation launched its bimonthly magazine on Oct 2013, which is circulated to all Government Departments, Public sectors, Corporates, Banks, Private establishment, Industries, MNC’s and Embassies, schools, colleges, institutions, eminent individuals etc. The aim and objectives of this magazine is to promote the development, quality of articles, innovative content, program and activities undertaken by this organization for Welfare of children and women of weaker section of society and its relationship with Govt. departments, bureaucrats, public sectors, corporates and others for promoting the CSR activities. We also explore the concept of competitiveness in relation to CSR & sustainability, Industry experts, practioners, professionals and researchers are invited who wish to get a platform to share these experiences / findings on generating competitive advantage through stake holder engagement. These case studies are published elaborating the contribution of CSR for short term benefits as well as long term competitiveness in the corporate world.

With the fast growing communities of CSR professionals and researchers in the country, there is growing demand for knowledge in CSR, especially in developing economics and their contribution in building the carrier of children and women from BPL community and has hardly any resources for investment on their education and up gradation of living standards in India. World Hope Foundation being a front runner in implementation of CSR policy as approved by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and both the houses of parliament by making law in this direction, this organization contributes its policy by publishing the outcome of programs and activities undertaken by this organization with the support of likeminded people and business centers etc. With the growing interest of civil society in CSR and motivation by corporates, we believe that the area will attract the attention of Govt., Corporates, Banks, Public sectors and stakeholders.

The magazine provides updates to its readers on various topics / issues through it featured articles, assistance provided by likeminded people and contribution extended by corporates under the said scheme and benefits reached to children and women of weaker society. The inclusion of articles and facts is a step in the direction to make the readers aware of current development and practices. For the welfare of children and women of weaker section of society, the organization in its calendar program for the year 2015-2016 has included the following activities which are organized at its center located at A-96, Joshi Colony, Patparganj, Delhi-92.

The magazine will comprise majorly content of program activities undertaken by World Hope Foundation for welfare of children and women of underprivileged society supported by advertisements given by Corporates, Banks and others who extended their support for conducting the activities by World Hope Foundation. This organization will incorporate all the brands in advertising that believe in the philosophy of magazine. The bimonthly magazine that provided comprehensive information and development in the area of social sector and business sustainability and responsibility. The magazine is aimed at who wish to update themselves with recent development and understand as to how other establishments are applying innovative ideas in CSR and sustainability for competitive advantages. Around 30,000 copies of magazines are circulated to all Govt. dept, Public sector, Private bodies, Banks, Business centers and bureaucrats and embassy, exhibitions, conferences, seminars & CSR platform, market places, malls, stall in five star hotels etc. The above circulation is made on free of cost.

An appeal is made to all corporate, Banks, Public sector, Govt. Dept., Hotels and private establishment to join us by extending their support in programs, activities conducted by the organization or sending their Ads for magazine. The contribution given by you will be utilized for launching of welfare scheme as per Constitution, rules and regulations of this organization. Seeking any information / clarification, your office can contact on telephone or authorized officer of this organization as per details given below for designing Ads or publishing of articles for magazine published by this organization!

tive ideas in CSR and sustainability for competitive advantages. Around 30,000 copies of magazines are circulated to all Govt. dept, Public sector, Private bodies, Banks, Business centers and bureaucrats and embassy, exhibitions, conferences, seminars & CSR platform, market places, malls, stall in five star hotels etc. The above circulation is made on free of cost.

Sub: request for an Article in Anniversary issue of our bimonthly magazine and support by way of an Advertisement

Greetings from “World hope Foundation ” - WHF is a Non- Government, Non-Profit Organization Working in Slums & Underprivileged Colonies towards betterment of Underprivileged Children, Education, health nutrition, vocational training & running awareness programes etc with the sole aim to protect, safeguard, improve the quality and raising the standard of human life, particularly economically weaker reactions of the society, irrespective of caste creed, race colour, sex or religion, to make them better citizen of our beloved India.

We bring out a bimonthly magazine covering the social challenges & issues faced by Underprivileged Children & BPL Community by large and also cover programs run by the World hope Foundation for improving the some. We shall be bringing out our Anniversary Issue on the foundation day of WHF on 10th August 2018. This issue shall cover the various activities & programes undertaken by various corporations / firms under their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives or by Individuals. The best 3 articles which will be judged by an eminent jury shall be awarded the prizes.

Your organization, being very active and contributing immensely to the society will surely be benefitted by this publication as all your activities / programes will be known to a large cross-section of the society.

We sincerely request you to kindly send the article along with relevant photographs of some activities. One photograph of the author may please also be sent.

You will kindly appreciate that no programes can be run successfully without the resources. We also look forward for your kind support by way of release of an Advertisement either on back page color (Rs. 55,000/-) or inside full page color (Rs. 30,000/-) the details & half page – Rs 25,000/- only

We look forward for your kind support in this noble cause.

Our Advertisers / Sponsors:-

  • BHEL 
  • SAIL
  • ONGC
  • NTPC
  • LIC
  • GAIL

For Donations, Contributions and Project Funding for education, nutrition, healthcare, women safety and Sustainable Livelihood of underprivileged children send your Cheque / DD to “ WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION” Account No-7211585050, IFSC Code:- KKBK0004590, Kotak Mahindra Bank, I.P. Extension, Patparganj, Delhi-110092 and for Online payment kindly donate generously :- www.worldhopefoundation.org/pay.php

You are welcome to visit our center as well & see details of our work in our website www.worldhopefoundation.org: The official page of World Hope Foundation https://m.facebook.com/worldhopefoundation.  Please like and share to spread awareness as well as to be a part of the WHF campaigns! Revolutionizing lives of theunderprivileged every moment.