Computer Training


World Hope Foundation has experiments in getting slum children hooked to computers and the Internet using minimally invasive techniques. If we presume that basic computer literacy is a desirable thing, then it requires a lot less money to implement than what we earlier thought. Computer has become a vital part of today’s society, May it be banks or hospitals, offices or libraries, computers are used anywhere and everywhere today. Thus, the knowledge of computer is much needed in today’s time. World Hope Foundation provides this training to the underprivileged children leading to better future prospects in their lives



Computer training is one of the key aspects of World Hope Foundation in making the future of the underprivileged children brighter than ever. Computers are used anywhere and everywhere nowadays, thus, computer training can lead to a greater probability for getting employeed.Thus, we appeal to you to help and support to educate a child including the computer training. Computer training is also pretty much linked to the written english which in turn is used to teach the spoken english as well. English has become an unsaid norm and is therefore very important for fetching jobs at good companies.All the above helps in the personality development and skill development and makes one eligible for numerous roles in the various industries.

Thus computer training gives the WHF kids an edge over the others and is easy to attain. This makes them technologically sound and at par with the modern times.

Computer Lab Equipments Support :- which includes support amount of Rs 6,00,000/-  for 4 desktop, 2 printer, 2 Air conditioner, 2 mobiles, 1 TV for computer lab for underprivileged children


  • Sponsor a child's education.
  • Donate monthly as low as Rs. 800/- to help educate a child so that she / he will have a safe future / better employability.
  • Children are future of our society - Let's take a pledge to educate the underprivileged & nuture them into better humans for an equal society. A little help from you can make a large difference in their life. Your donations will be used in the best possible way to educate a child and develop him into a capable and confident human being.