Dharti Bachao Mission - One Child - One Tree 

Dharti Bachao is a campaign started by World Hope Foundation to improve the drastically degrading quality of environment. Climatic conditions are going worse due to the usage of resources till the brink of exhaustion and the polluting technology. This is leading to deterioration of the environment in the forms of global warming, extinction of wildlife and exhaustion of natural resources.

If we keep on degrading our environment with this rate then soon we won’t be able to survive on this planet due to the human made problems. We hear the problem of drought in several areas, lowering of the ground water, polluted air, extinction of flora and fauna are all due to the mistakes made by man. Thus, it is very important to mend our ways now, if we want ourselves and our future generations to sustain on the planet.

Some of the common remedies include:-

·Plantation of trees

·Turn off ignition when stopping on signal to save non renewable resources(petrol/diesel/CNG)

· Rain water harvesting to reduce ground water pollution and water scarcity

· Installation of proper machinery to stop air pollution from factories , offices etc

· Selection of proper fuel to reduce air pollution

· Follow 3 ‘R’s:- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

· Use of noise absorbing material to curb noise pollution

· Spreading awareness about these remedies and others to educate the people around you


Hence, join our campaign “Dharti Bachao”- Save Earth  for a healthier and sustainable future.  


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