Anna Rasoi

What is Anna Rasoi?

Anna Rasoi – Food for All refers to ration bank & Anna Utsav to provide food & nutrition to the underprivileged children, women, divyang, orphans, migrant labourers, neglected elderly senior citizens under its mission “Fight Poverty, Hunger & Malnutrition”.

Lado Ki Aawaz - Anna Rasoi is aimed towards providing daily nutritious & hygienic nutritious meal to poor underprivileged children in India.  Anna Rasoi center aims for no child should be left hungry. In a country where rich-poor divide is stark and while millions splurge on good food, we find it unacceptable that even bigger millions of children have to go to bed without any means for food or nutrition. Under Anna Rasoi center, we are passionate in our dedication to the cause of feeding underprivileged children in India through packed food, ration, fruits, vegetables, breads, buns, juices, healthy snacks & beverages.

APPEAL for COVID-19 Relief Support

World Hope Foundation with Anna Rasoi & Indian Special News – Magazine for CSR & Sustainability  is committed to support daily wagers, migrant labourers, underprivileged children, homeless, divyangjan & senior citizens by providing them food, nutrition, health & hygiene to live a healthy life in the slum communities amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic as well as empowering children, women and senior citizens through our various social welfare initiatives.

Support for Anna Rasoi – Ration Bank & Food Relief Programs #BeAHungerChampion

·         Food Support for 1 underprivileged  Child for 1 Year :- Rs 8340/-

·         Food Support for 50 underprivileged  Children for 1 Year :- Rs 4,17,000/-

·         Food Support for 150 underprivileged  Children for 1 Year :- Rs 12,51,000/-

Daily Ongoing Anna Rasoi Food Distribution to the needy affected due to COVID-19 pandemic :- Rs 1,75,000


Vision & Mission

  • Empowering slum communities through food, nutrition and social welfare programs to fight poverty, hunger and malnutrition among underprivileged children, widows, homeless and neglected elderly senior citizens.
  • Provide Food & nutrition to over one million marginalised & needy 
  • “Zero Hunger”


Beneficiaries :-

Anna Rasoi aims to serve nutritious food daily to over 1000 underprivileged children, women, migrant labourers, construction worker’s children, divyang, orphans, elderly neglected senior citizens living in slum clusters mainly in Delhi NCR. This is to overcome hunger and malnutrition among the marginalised and needy which will help them to study better, work better and in turn be self sustainable.


Distribution by Anna Rasoi – Food for All

  1. Cooked Food  
  2. Ration
  3. Fruits & Vegetables
  4. Healthy Beverages
  5. Healthy Snacks

The distribution of nutritious food items is done on the basis of FIFO ( First In First Out) principle on the basis of the packing/manufacturing/ cooking date of the food items. All good quality packed food items are distributed and food grade quality materials used.


Global Hunger Index 2019 Rank :-


Sri Lanka ---------------------67

Myanmar ---------------------------69

Bangladesh ----------------------------88

India -------------------------------------------102


Our Guidelines & Principles :-


  • The organization believes in engaging community and involving those we serve in finding solution to eliminate hunger and food insecurity in India.
  • Root cause of hunger must be addressed to realize our long term goal of eliminating hunger
  • Further this organization believes in collaboration and partnerships – internally and externally – are essential to fulfilling our mission.
  • The organization recognise the dignity of all people and believe food is an essential right
  • The organization believes that hunger can be eliminated from this country.











Pressure Cooker


Vim Bar & Liquid



Mixer Grinder

Rin Bar & Powder

Edible Oil

Big Pateela


Garbage Bags



Gas Stove




Gas Cylinder










Milk & milk products

Disposables:- Paper Plates, glasses, bowls, spoons, tissues, aprons, gloves, caps, foil 

Deep Freezer

Kitchen towels & hand towels



Air Conditioner




SUV vehicles







Lunch Boxes




Water Bottles




Storage containers of various sizes




Big Tub




Big Drum




Mayur Jugs




Folding Chairs & tables, Tirpaal




Racks & Trolleys





Kindly join hands with World Hope Foundation community relief programs for providing education , food and nutrition, clean water, sanitation, clean environment , health , hygiene, clothes , skill development , safety and sustainable livelihood programs by donating through Cheque / DD in favor of “WORLD HOPE FOUNDATION” Account No-7211585050, IFSC Code:-KKBK0004590, Kotak Mahindra Bank , Patparganj, Delhi-110092 or through online donation:- for improving the lives of thousands of women and children in slum clusters. We have all required documents like Registration Certificate , PAN Card , 80G Tax benefit , FCRA , Annual Reports , Balance Sheets of previous years etc.

Benefits to Partners / Sponsors / Donors / Supporters:-

  • Sponsor’s logo in Indian Special News, a Magazine for CSR & Sustainability by WHF.
  • Quarter /half /full page Goodwill Ad in Indian Special News, a magazine for CSR & Sustainability by WHF as per the terms of partnership.
  • Promotions on all WHF social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Partner’s logo on WHF official website which is &
  • Partner’s logo on banners during various relevant events of WHF.

And most importantly, Blessings from the entire underprivileged community neglected and marginalized section of society


Post – COVID -19 Anna Rasoi Ration Bank  Guidelines  

Anna Rasoi – Ration Bank & Food for the Needy provides food support, ration & other daily essentials to meet the needs of the daily wagers, migrant labourers, homeless, widows, divyangjan, old age people and underprivileged children in various slum clusters to FIGHT CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC.

ANNA RASOI – RATION BANK : Post COVID-19 Special Guidelines :-

The Volunteers/members/ team & beneficiaries are required to ensure that :-

  1. Volunteers, members & team of Anna Rasoi Ration Bank & Food for the poor & needy are aware about the COVID-19 pandemic and thus, they take care of their hygiene. Adequate training on risk factors, safe food handling, social distancing and other protective behaviours (for e.g. cough etiquette and wearing of face mask, hand washing with soap or using alcohol based hand rubs) required amid COVID-19 pandemic is given to them .
  2. Proper hand hygiene – washing with soap & water for at least 20 seconds, following WHO ‘s advice
  3. Frequent use of alcohol based sanitizers
  4. Good respiratory hygiene (cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing: dispose tissues & wash hands)
  5. Frequent cleaning of work surfaces and high touch points
  6. Avoid close contact
  7. Gloves shall be worn while handling distribution sewa material
  8. Practice social distancing
  9. Ensure food safety & food grade disposable packing & serving material for distribution drives
  10. All food partners to follow COVID-19 food safety guidelines


#StaySafe #EatHealthy #ZeroHunger #AnnaSewa #FightCorona


Team Anna Rasoi Ration Bank & Food for the needy 

Ph:8448999134, 9643909640