About Us

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi


As an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga, Ms. Manju Jha believes that it is because of the blessings of this divine power that she has been able to bring herself in a position in life that gives her the fortune to give back to the society.

The Vision

Fight COVID-19 to build happy & sustainable communities around Earth

With a vision to build centres across India, the World Hope Foundation will function out of these centers to impart guidance and offer assistance to needy women, children, senior citizens and other groups of society that have been consistently being neglected & deprived.

The Mission

World Hope Foundation Stands for Million Smiles – Education and Welfare of Underprivileged Children , Food and Nutrition , Skill Development & Women Safety Programs further supported by “Indian Special News “ – Magazine for CSR & Sustainability to spread the message of love and care for the neglected sections of the society. 



WINGS - CSR Consultancy & NGO Services by World Hope Foundation

1. Advisory Services

2. Setting up Corporate Foundation

3. Employee volunteering

4. Customer Engagement Program

5. Consultancy 

6. Planning

7. Monitoring

8. Evaluation

9. Project Reports

10. Need Assessment 

11. Impact

12. Collaborations 

Contact for CSR Consultancy services, collaborations & corporate partnerships to serve Humanity & Mother Earth

Contact: 8448999134  Email: worldhopefoundationindia@gmail.com 


World Hope Foundation believes in the following principles:

1. Efficient Operations: World Hope Foundation is an organization that believes in using modern and updated methods for all its processes. We believe in reducing the hierarchy structure and work with minimum layers as far as the vertical structure of the institutional pyramid goes. It is our aim to use sustainable processes that reduce the paperwork and enhance effectiveness for every project undertaken. By keeping the structure small, we ensure transparency, accountability, and an open policy of communication. This will make easy flow of ideas and execution.

2. Effective Local Associations: Our beneficiaries strongly desire for self-betterment and have shown willingness to learn new ways of solving tribulations with great meticulousness. This is achieved with the help of an effective screening process that allows us to partner with only the best and the most effective.

3. Encourage Change: Our committed volunteers act as role models and identify change in a unique method with no personal intentions or bias. We promote the cause as their own initiative as they believe in it with full conviction.

4. Effective Employment of Human Resources: We strongly believe the participation of locals by including them in every step of the process. Those who are firmly rooted to the cause can provide better and practical solutions as they are ground level people experiencing the issues and may be able to provide insights for solving the problem.

5. Facilitating Management and Leadership: People management is as important as the cause. Education combined with technical skills, making it into practice for optimum utilization of resources, public dealing, problem solving and decision making brings out the leadership quality of getting work done by taking maximum people into confidence.

6. Commitment to Long-term Revolutions: World Hope Foundation emphasizes quality over quantity. Our aim is not to affect as many people as possible, but to have a lasting effect upon, empowering them and building an enduring relationship with both our benefactors and beneficiaries.


Companies/ persons, devotees desirous of sending any contribution by DD/ Cheque, must send their details such as name, phone no, full address, email-id etc. Our heartiest gratitude to all donors/ members/ devotees of World Hope Foundation.